Media coaching and training

Roll Sound! Roll Camera. And Action, please! Ok, let´s go. Now is the crucial moment and it´s the same for a press spokesman, a managing director or a moderator. Nevertheless 90 % of the persons making statements present themselves in front of a camera unprepared. The result: They talk themselves into trouble.

While enterprises employ agencies and CI staff to put their print products on the acid test, the challenges of motion picture communication are still underestimated much too often.

And the consequences are disastrous: The person in front of the camera must come up to the expectations. But he/she is not convincing, his/her appearance is not favourable, his/her face is shining, the person seems to be unlikable, in a rush, turns red, doesn´t come to an end, gets muddled, sounds memorized, doesn´t convey the intended message. And that´s the reason: There is no training, no strategy and no tools.

The solution: Purposeful coaching and training

Each person acting in front of a camera needs training to attract the audience because playing with the camera has its own rules. Therefore even people who are used to speak to a large audience profit by regular coaching. The reason is obvious: Everyone who understands the rules of working with motion pictures and firmly establishes them in his/her mind and gestures will gain presence, affection and credibility in front of the camera.

Are you sometimes in front of a camera?

If so we ask you: How safe do you feel in front of the lens? Are you aware of your impression? Do you know the tricks how to stage yourself for the camera in the best way possible? Do you know what is in store for you, what you are expected to do? Do you know how your message scores a point; how to choose your words in a suitable way for the camera but still to be authentic? Are you really sure to be prepared for your next appearance on camera?

Our coaching will help you to be convincing in front of a camera. To give enterprises enough self-confidence when working with the medium of motion pictures we do not only train the persons in the limelight but their press and advisory staff as well.


An appearance on a camera that needs to be improved often bespeaks a communication team lacking knowledge about the subject of motion pictures. This lack of competence often results in a series of false decisions and thus make the person appear unfavourably in front of the camera. The fact is that the communication departments are the initiators. They negotiate with the Camera- Crews, fix the locations or write statements. Mistakes made when preparing the shootings become visible in a video impression that does neither come up to the expectations of the colleague in front of the camera nor to that of your company.

Do you have a job in a communication or press and information department of an enterprise?

Then we like to know: What is your experience with motion pictures? Are you familiar with the rules or the power of such pictures? Are you confident of the language of films? Are you sometimes discontent with the appearance of your superiors on a camera but do not have any idea how to exercise your influence? Are you able to prepare the content in such a way that the person in front of the lens can present it easily and suitably for the camera? Are you aware of the fact that the choice of the background, for example, can be decisive for the credibility of the person in front of the camera?

It doesn´t matter in which part of the enterprise you are responsible for communication: If you feel unsure with motion pictures you will need coaching by m3.

We have worked with motion pictures for more than 20 years, we are familiar with the psychology in front of and behind the camera from our own experience. We know what you need in front of a camera to score a point. Our experience will help you to prepare the message in such a way that it can be transported authentically. Moreover we will furnish you with the optical rules which should be observed to protect the protagonist in front of the camera as well as your enterprise.

We will coach you during your media appearances, we will prepare you and train your communication team. We will furnish your enterprise with the knowledge required to play a major part in the world of video communication. Motion pictures touch emotions, form opinions. This is a fact you can profit from if you keep to the rules.

We will give you self-confidence on the playing field of motion picture communication. We will go through the situations that concern you by means of purposeful coaching, workshops and training, we will develop your strategy and make you look good – with regard to communicative and visual aspects.
Talk to us. We will be pleased to give you individual advice: