About m3

m3 produce films for companies, advertising agencies, TV broadcasting stations and other customers - either national or worldwide - and offer professional full-service production for customers of any size.

Whether an image film, a commercial or a documentary is needed - m3 create unique worlds of visual images, text and sound. Factual or emotional. Fascinating and convincing at any time. Always target-oriented. Each of our projects makes you feel our endeavour to find the highest common denominator of creation, calculation and realization.

m3 make out your conceptions and texts - from the script to the corporate statement. We analyse figures and facts, we find the corresponding stories and transform them into audiovisual events. The quality of our films is a result of the combination of journalistic competence, cinematic knowledge as well as a lot of creativity and passion.

Our team consists of writers, directors and specialists of all branches of the film-making guild. We set great store by harmony, from conception and script to direction, camera and post production. By doing so we rely on innovative technology and procedures, partly developed by ourselves and unique in Europe, which will furnish you with a maximum of film for your budget.
This is a basis guaranteeing smooth production with optimum quality. Moving pictures that really move you.