The international pharmaceuticals group wanted to furnish patients and physicians with a cross-medial starter kit including patient´s film for relaunch of a new medicine. The primary intention was to give information on auricular fibrillation. Furthermore the film was supposed to encourage people and, above all, to show them ways how to deal and live well with this disease.

Patients and physicians should be furnished with a comprehensive information package - consisting of brochure, flyers, pictures, DVDs. Entrusted by an advertising agency m3 had the extremely fascinating job to supply the pictorial material - films as well as images as part of the presentation material.

The project was both complex and challenging. We wrote the script, scouted the locations, cast the models and chose costumes and props. We made out conceptions, supervised 3D animations, made films and shot pictures – always with the aim to inform and to encourage at the same time. As all trades had to concentrate on their respective tasks, maximum performance of production management was demanded at this film. The project required perfect coordination due to its multidimensionality. Cost and time factors were subject to rigid directions and had to be strictly supervised.

The result was worthwhile. We were able to present a film which both fascinates and encourages the patients. And a lot of expressive images form the basis of a presentation package that impressed our customers as well as their target group.

Here are some extracts from our shooting.