Novo Nordisk

With the motto “Novo macht mobil” (Novo mobilize) the pharmaceuticals specialist Novo Nordisk tried to mobilize diabetics to do Nordic walking. A campaign with the intention to move people: to improve their health.

To make the patient entirely participate in this action a cross-medial complete package was tied up - brochure, posters and a patient´s film, and in addition highly expressive pictures with the intention to consistently convey the topic throughout all print material.

m3  were contracted by an advertising agency to deliver the photographic material for a convincing and motivating campaign. A success story had to be born. A patient who had considerably improved her blood sugar level by Nordic walking, of course leaving behind her excessive weight. We really found her, the ideal patient who had become slim and healthy by walking. We spent three very intense days with her, we created nice film sequences at different locations and we conducted touching interviews.

The result is a film which has prompted many diabetics to face their disease – or to run away from it - in the true sense of the word. And the images, too, fill you with a longing for walking.

Here are some extracts from our shooting.